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Blair Castle Caravan Park supports Distance Aware.

Restrictions in Scotland are lifted, and mask wearing is no longer a legal requirement, but still widely encouraged. As we continue to deal with the ongoing Coronavirus threat, please be aware and keep people safe by practicing social distancing where possible. You may begin to see people out and about displaying the Distance Aware Shield which is an awareness campaign being promoted across all countries of the United Kingdom. If you see someone wearing this symbol, please take extra care around them and give them some space.

Distance aware badges are available at this venue. Please ask a member of staff.

Thank you for being distance aware.

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The Larder
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The Shieling

We kindly ask that all guests read and adhere to the Park Rules and Regulations, (and other requirements as stated in the Booking Terms and Conditions), in order to help ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for all. 

Please contact the Reception Desk or the Park Warden should you require any assistance during your stay or need to report a problem. 

1. Group/Commercial Bookings: 

Our holiday park is designed mainly for families, we reserve the right to withhold entry to single sex groups, young groups (under 21 years) and commercial bookings. BCCP reserves the right to refuse any booking or to ask any persons to leave the Park. We reserve the right to terminate the booking where we feel that the comfort and enjoyment of other guests may be put at risk. 

2. Vehicles: 

2.1 5MPH SPEED LIMIT – The speed limit on the Park for cars and bicycles is 5mph (8kmph) and this is constantly monitored and enforced by our Park Wardens to ensure the safety of everyone onsite, including children at play. 

2.2 Fire regulations stipulate that only ONE CAR per pitch is permitted. Any additional cars must be parked in the nearby parking areas. Any commercial vehicles brought onsite by holidaymakers must be parked as directed by the park warden. 

2.3 Motorised scooters, skateboards, hoverboards and quad bikes are strictly prohibited on any part of the Park. 

2.4 The one-way road system applies to cyclists as well as vehicles. Cycling is not permitted between pitches. 

3. Fire Precautions / BBQs / Gazebos/Event Shelters: 

3.1 Properly constructed Barbecues are permitted when placed outside, off the ground at least 3meters from any lodge, caravan, camping pod, tent or vehicle. To avoid a fire, coals must be fully extinguished before placing in bins. Only coal is allowed, all types of fire wood are strictly prohibited Barbecues must NEVER be used indoors (incl. tents, camping pods and awnings) or on decking, and must be extinguished BEFORE 11pm. OPEN FIRES of any nature are strictly PROHIBITED. 

3.2 Gazebos/Event Shelters or similar are NOT permitted on the Park. 

4. Conduct: 

11pm is the cut off time for noise across the Park. – At all other times, noise should be kept to a minimum to avoid disturbance to other park guests. No amplified music. Any behaviour the PARK WARDEN deems inappropriate or any breach of the Rules and Regulations may result in immediate termination of the booking, without any refund or compensation. BCCP reserve the right to terminate the booking where we feel that the comfort and enjoyment of other guests may be put at risk. 

5. Dogs: 

A maximum of 2 dogs per pitch/ per pet-friendly accommodation is allowed only on the understanding the dog/s will never be left unattended in the accommodation or anywhere else on the Park and must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog exercise areas out with the Park should be used and fouling in any area must be cleared up immediately. No dangerous breeds or apparently aggressive dogs will be allowed. 

6. Children: 

Parents are responsible for providing supervision of their children at all times whilst on the Park and in all buildings, including the shower blocks, games room and play park. 

7. Park Facilities: 

7.1 SHOWER BLOCKS – All guests are asked to keep the toilet / shower facilities clean and tidy. Do not leave taps running, or flush any cotton based articles (including wipes) or other items likely to cause blockage or obstructions into the basins or toilets. Rubbish bins and sanitary bins are provided. The washing of dishes, clothes and pets is not permitted within the shower blocks. Dishwashing facilities are provided behind shower blocks. Hot water must not be carried from the shower blocks for any purpose. 

7.2 CHEMICAL TOILETS – The contents of chemical toilets must be emptied only at the disposal points provided (and free of any cotton or other items that may cause an obstruction). Suitable receptacles must be used for the collection of waste water. These should not be allowed to over-flow and must be emptied only at the disposal points. 

7.3 LAUNDRY – The hanging of clothes on lines outside caravans or tents, or on fences, is not permitted. Washing lines are provided. 

7.4 GAMES – Guests should use the central area provided. Please do not cause a disturbance by playing between pitches or caravans. 

7.5 LITTER/RECYCLING – Litter must be placed in the refuse bins provided. Please make use of the recycling facilities where possible. 

7.6 HOSE PIPES – The use of hose pipes for washing cars/caravans is strictly prohibited. 

8. Accidents/Injuries: 

Any accidents or injuries sustained on the park must be reported to Reception or to the Park Warden immediately. 

9. Liability: 

BCCP will not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned to any vehicle or belongings, nor for any injury whatsoever to any person whilst on the park, unless caused directly by the negligence of an employee. Customers are wholly liable for any repairs, cleaning or replacements required to any park property damaged during their stay. Any such damage must be reported to Reception. The Authority for the conduct of the Park is vested in the Park Warden, Manager or their Representative. The Park Warden is here to assist Guests and help maintain a peaceful and safe environment for everyone. Failure to comply with a Warden’s request may result in the removal from the Park of any persons, tent, caravan, motorhome or vehicle (in conjunction with the Police, where necessary). The Authority to refuse entry may also be exercised by the Park Warden. *We reserve the right to vary these conditions at our discretion 

10. Drones/Flying Machinery: 

The use of drones or other flying machinery is strictly prohibited on the caravan park and surrounding areas. 

11. Electric Car Charging Points 

Electric car charging points are situated next to the recycling area behind the main reception building. No electric cars are to be charged at any electric hook up point.

Download the full terms & conditions here

Blair Castle Caravan Park welcomes dogs to join you on your holiday and we ask that there is maximum two dogs per pitch provided that they are kept on short leads and supervised at all times.

There are extensive walking routes surrounding the park, which are perfect for exercising your dog. Please be mindful that this is a working estate with livestock and other wildlife on trails, so please keep dogs under control to minimise disruption.

Please use the dog bins provided around the park.

Click here for more Information for Dog Owners

Blair Castle Caravan Park holds a 4-star grading from VisitScotland, and we are one of only four Premier Parks in Scotland. All of our holiday homes for let hold the Thistle award for exceptional quality and standard.

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