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Together with our built properties we have more than 150 miles of tracks, 500 miles of fence lines, 100 bridges, 40 miles of water pipe and thousands of gates to maintain. Managing this responsibility requires systematic and long-term planning. Maintenance and preservation of the built estate is a very important part of our business. The work is shared between locally retained and self-employed tradesmen with assistance from specialists when required. We also presume in favour of regional suppliers for most of our purchases.

The use of modern materials in the repair, renovation or extension of traditional buildings is applied when appropriate to achieve our aim of delivering long term property management solutions. Substantially, the design of landscape and villages within and around Atholl today has been developed over the last three hundred years. The route of tracks, position, and shape of woodlands, crossing points for bridges, location of houses and farms are all features that have been carefully moulded through generations of management on the estate.

Highland Perthshire is renowned for its character and charm. This in part is due to the work which we continue today.

One of the most important services we offer is the provision of a range of properties that can be used for accommodation, business or recreation. These include houses, farms and workshops as follows:

Agricultural Property Letting

16,000 acres on Atholl are leased to 10 independent farming families. Most of our let farms are upland and hill farms. They have traditionally produced store livestock (calves and lambs) that are sold through the market to finishing units on lower ground. However, increasingly, those that have the option available are now aiming to finish their stock and sell directly to the market.

Due to the long term relationship we value with our farmers, let units only occasionally become available, but if you are interested in joining our waiting list please contact our estate office and ask for the rural manager.

Residential Property Letting

Atholl Estates are the largest provider of rented housing in Highland Perthshire. 226 houses are leased to private families, estate staff and let-farm staff. Our homes vary from single bedroom cottages to substantial country houses. All cottages are managed and let from the estate office, where a waiting list is kept for new applicants. Preference is given to our own staff, retired staff and those who are locally employed. We aim to maintain rents at levels that are affordable to those who are part of the local economy. 

Commercial Property Letting

Over the last number of years, we have developed modern, small scale workshop clusters in and around village communities. These are offered for lease to local, small businesses on flexible and straightforward arrangements. The premises offer the opportunity for business start-up and expansion. They also provide an attractive inducement for small businesses who wish to locate to this area and bring with them employment and trade.

Over 3000 square metres of workshop space has been developed in Dunkeld, Ballinluig and Blair Atholl. The units vary in floor area from 50 to 200 square metres.

For information on availability or to join our waiting list for any of these properties, please contact the estate office.

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