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Moorland Management

The Atholl moors are managed by 6 full-time keepers and 6 apprentices. They manage over 80,000 acres of open moorland which runs from 1000 ft to just over 3000 ft, habitat to some internationally important species of flora and fauna such as heather, red grouse, the golden eagle and golden plover.

The moors are divided into six management areas called ‘beats’ all of which offer a different mix of sport, scenery and accommodation. The staff who manage each beat work closely with the farming, forestry, and ranger departments, as part of an integrated team that aims to conserve and enhance our natural habitat. The long-term objectives of this management ensure that the sport we offer is in balance with its habitat which also provides for some beautiful scenery and an abundance of wildlife.

Our five-year sporting averages are in the region of:

Grouse: 180 brace

Stags: 320 head

Hinds: 950 head

Salmon: 120 fish

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