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Atholl Estates has two in hand farms, Milton of Tulliemet and Balanloan, (home farm to Blair Castle) and has recently taken back Inverack Farm. All the farms are progressing in the change to follow the principles of regenerative agriculture. By this we mean that through the process of farming we are improving the soil health of the ground and the biodiversity of the holding, tracked by increased recording and measuring of various metrics. We want our farms to be as full of life as possible.

We believe that farming can play a really meaningful positive role in the fight against climate change and by farming in a way that cuts out chemicals, creates habitats for a multitude of species, improves our grasses with herbals lays and much more we can sequester carbon in our soil and increase our biodiversity.

Balanloan Home Farm

Extends to approx. 30,000 acres and includes the iconic area of Glen Tilt. Currently the farm has 1800 sheep split between Blackface and commercial ewes, 145 spring calving cows. The focus is on introducing more native bloodlines back into the herd to produce productive, hardy animals. The aims of the farm are for it to be profitable, integrate well with the workings of the rest of the estate, to produce healthy, high-quality animals we are proud of and, to improve the biodiversity of the holding.

Milton of Tulliemet

Extends to approx. 5,000 acres and includes part of the designated Forest of Clunie SSSI. Currently the farm has 500 Blackface sheep which are held in the lower fields of the farm. There are 50 Aberdeen Angus heifers and cows and we are aiming to increase these numbers as grass productivity improves. The main aims of this farm are three fold; ecological improvement of the holding, profitability before subsidy and social responsibility by keeping people employed on the farm and in the area. At the Milton we are working with Caroline Grindrod (who runs Roots of Nature) and is a leader in the field of regenerative agriculture.



Atholl Estates also operates a number of traditional farm holdings run by family businesses ranging in size and extent. We regularly host farm tours for our neighbours and other farmers and private farm tours can also be arranged. Farming is an integral part of Highland life and we are proud to support our farms as they improve the nature on their land whilst providing us with food.

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