25th August 2022 - 28th August 2022
Castle events, Exhibitions

Blair Castle International Horse Trials

Eventing, or Horse Trials, is the ultimate equestrian challenge, likened to an ‘equine triathalon’; it provides a comprehensive test of all round ability for horse and rider and also tests the partnership between the two. Despite being sometimes called ‘three-day eventing’, the modern sport usually takes place over four days, as the dressage phase takes two days to complete. However, each horse and rider combination will only compete in three phases, on three days, with a rest day on one of the dressage days.

The sport evolved from the qualities necessary for a top class military charger – steadiness and elegance on parade, the ability to gallop across country in battle, and then to continue with duties after a strenuous day. It first appeared in the modern Olympics in 1912 and the required phases of the sport have changed a number of times since then. The requirements when eventing originated have now transformed in to the three modern phases of the sport – Dressage, Cross-Country and Showjumping. In order to succeed, riders and their horses must be highly skilled in all three disciplines.

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