There is a lot of fascinating wildlife to be seen on Atholl Estates if you are quiet, patient and lucky!  Please enjoy the wildlife, but keep disturbance to a minimum.

For the quiet and observant visitor, each trail has its own rewards, and with many miles of waymarked trails to help you discover the wildlife of this working landscape, there need be no shortage of opportunities. In the woods, red squirrels are common, with grey squirrels only being found at the southern end of the estate around Dunkeld. The woods are being actively managed by the estate to help conserve red squirrels. Try walking our Red Squirrel Trail for a good chance of seeing one. Otters, dippers, wagtails and salmon can all be seen down at the riverside. Higher up in the moors and mountains, red deer, golden eagles, red grouse, ptarmigan, hen harriers, merlin and osprey can all be seen. There is also a wide diversity of interesting upland plant species.

Why not try a ranger-led walk or a Land Rover safari to see wildlife with the experts.

Land Rover Safari’s must be pre-booked contact – Helen on [email protected] or 01796 481 355