Filming on Atholl Estates


Testimonial from Location Manager Naomi Liston for ITV’s Victoria Season 2 Episode 7 filmed June 2017.

“I can not express enough what a positive, enjoyable and above all successful experience the production had during our filming period.  The Estate team made my job as effortless as possible and reacted to every schedule change and additional request always with a YES.  Our locations with in the estate spread far and wide due to its sheer size which gave us huge flexibility and endless, very accessible, varied epic vistas, some of which had no hint of in habitation or a pylon in sight for as far as the eye could see to the Cairngorms and Shihalian in the far distance. I really can not rate this location highly enough and I know that if I had something like this on my door step in NI for other projects we wouldn’t need anywhere else!  The forests are Jurassic and natural all with great accessible forest tracks, parkland to die for, River Gary, Tilt and Tummel are again accessible remote wilderness. The castle is fantastic and with management easy to shoot whilst keeping the flow of public happy. I cant wait to return to the estate again soon.”


Picture supplied by MAMMOTH SCREEN FOR ITV

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